Gonarezhou National Park

We arrive through the south gate of Gonarezouh National Park.  Its old and worn down. We engage four-wheel drive and follow the tracks down to the Rundu River, hitting low ratio to cross the river weir. The river gushes over the axles and the Troopy creates a wake behind us as we go. My first river crossing. We roll up the bank and on to the reception area. We decide to book three nights in camp sites along the river from west to east choosing to stay in the “standard” camp sites of Chipinda Pools and Chingula, because they offer showers and running water, and then the “exclusive”, as in no facilities Machiniwe campsite.

Its hard to describe just how beautiful Gonarezouh is. It way exceeded any expectations I may have had, even though I’m uncertain as to what my actual expectations were. The truth is that whatever I expected was nothing like what I experienced. I was blown away by its beauty. The park is simply sublime. Its physical beauty blessed by ancient trees, countless river crossings, pans and baobabs and the magnificent Chilojo cliffs. A paradise of aquatic and terrestrial birds, elephant everywhere, buffalo, sable, eland, nyala and lots of plains game, some shy cats and eight packs of wild dog. And all the time you are driving on technical tracks, crossing driver river beds and flowing rivers. It was magical.

As I type this I am perched above the Save river watching a herd of elephants swimming at dusk. I am at a loss for words. Anyone interested in wildlife should go to Gonarezhou. Thats all I can say. I hope to publish some videos and pics soon…bear with me as I ty to master the technology…



2 thoughts on “Gonarezhou National Park

  1. Tess Batlis

    Loving your narrative. Sounds magical. Living vicariously through your eyes…. love to you both. Love you xxx


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